Services Overview

ECSL is able to plan, develop and deliver a wide range of engineering solutions, and work with a carefully selected group of partners to support us where we do not have the capabilities in-house.

Civil & Structural Engineering

The ECSL Team have a strong pedigree and a growing team of engineers who are passionate about civil and structural engineering in the transport infrastructure, bridges and buildings sectors.

The ECSL team’s capabilities include, but is not limited to:

  • Civil and Structural Design
  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Condition Appraisal and Residual Life Assessment
  • Design of Repair and Remediation
  • Asset Management Planning

Consultancy and Project Management

Our engineers are never more excited than when given the opportunity to provide consultancy, combining the knowledge and experience that they have gained over many years of solving engineering problems with their natural organisational, management, and planning abilities in order to support our clients in delivering complex engineering projects.

Architecture & Design

Our architecture and design team have experience in developing a wide range of sustainable urban environments that promote connectivity between people and the world around them.

We collaborate with, planners, consultants and engineers to deliver high calibre projects that strengthen our clients’ brand.